The Sentry Box offers a wide variety of games and play opportunities that are enjoyed for social interactions, complex strategies, entertaining characters, and an overall atmosphere of friendly competition. While the objective of many of our events is to determine the skill level of each player involved, our ultimate goal is to ensure that every participant, spectator and customer has fun in a safe and pleasant setting. The Sentry Box tables are open to all – and we strive to maintain a safe, pleasant, fun environment for all of our guests.

The following are expected from all players, customers, spectators and staff:

Fairness: Games cease to be fun when players break the rules to achieve victory. Taking advantage of inexperienced players, other customers or The Sentry Box events and venues for personal gain will not be tolerated.

Honesty: Players of any game should strive to act honestly while playing that game. Observing an illegal activity and not reporting it immediately to The Sentry Box Staff is a violation of The Sentry Box Code of Conduct.

Respect: Players, spectators, customers, staff and property should be treated with the same respect that players would expect for themselves and their property.

Sportsmanship: Winning or losing with grace is vital to the enjoyment of any game. Demeaning, disrespectful comments, or actions before, during or after a game indicate poor sportsmanship and will not be tolerated. Bullying or harassment will not be tolerated at any event, or in any venue where we are hosting games.

Learning: Discussing strategies, offering tips, or constructively critiquing game play decisions after a match has been completed helps both participants to become better players

Teaching: Bringing a game to a new player and providing others with a positive experience are the most valuable things any person can provide to our community. We greatly appreciate your support in our efforts to make The Sentry Box, the communities we serve and he events we run safe, fun experiences for all.


All staff, players, spectators, customers and visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a way that ensures all participants, customers, spectators and staff enjoy themselves as much as possible. It’s all about fun for everyone.

The following are not tolerated:

The Sentry Box reserves the right to ask anyone to leave at any time without compensation or prizes and may at our sole discretion prohibit you from future events should you violate any portion The Sentry Box Code of Conduct. All violations resulting in a game loss or more serious penalties or actions will be reported to the manufacturer and sanctioning body for any event that the violator is participating in.

The Sentry Box reserves the right to search any backpacks, bags, and person entering our facility at any time.

By entering The Sentry Box you agree to abide by this code of conduct. We reserve the right to change, alter or modify The Sentry Box Code of Conduct at any time for any reason.