? Sentry Box Covid Page for Frames

The Sentry Box

COVID-19 Store Policies


How we are doing things:

  • We are requiring ALL staff and customers wear a facemask (homemade masks are acceptable as long as they cover both the nose and mouth)
  • If you cannot or do not want to wear a face mask, then we are unable to allow you inside the store, but curb side pickup and delivery will still be available as options. HOWEVER, curb side and delivery orders will ONLY be processed between 10AM AND 12PM each day and pickups MUST be done at the BACK door
  • We would prefer bags and backpacks to not be brought into the store if possible (purses are acceptable), but if you need to you will be directed where to leave them (at owner’s risk)
  • We are using our back door as the exit, so all customers enter and exit through separate doors (exception: customers requiring an accessible entrance will enter through the backdoor as usual)
  • We will be limiting the number of customers in the store to a maximum of 15 at any given time
  • Customers will be required to wait at the top ofthe main stairs until called down by a staff member
  • We require all customers use hand sanitizer before entering and leaving the store (this will be provided at the entrance, exit and main till area)
  • We will be disinfecting our till area between every transaction and other commonly used surfaces several times per day
  • We have an acrylic barrier at the till?Staff will not come out onto the floor while customers are browsing
  • Customers are requested to maintain a 2m distance from other people at all times
  • Customers are requested to limit their shopping time to 30 minutes if there are people waiting in the line to come down
  • Customers are requested to be aware of how many products and surfaces they are touching and try to reduce the amount if possible
  • Only one person will be allowed on the military stairs at a time
  • Single dice will NOT be available for purchase at this time
  • The consignment and rental programs will remain CLOSED for now
  • The bathroom is currently under construction and is NOT available for use
  • The gaming area and After Hours Room remain CLOSED
  • We want everyone to feel safe so if you are engaging in unsafe behaviour you may be asked to leave the store

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